Category: Data Collection

Sep 12

Early Results from an Online Questionnaire Exploring Future Interfaces Design to Support Fuel-Efficient Driving

Eco-driving is a driving style that seeks to reduce overall fuel use and, as a consequence, subsequent greenhouse gas emissions (Barkenbus, 2010). Eco-driving has both a financial benefit to the driver, who has lower fuel expenditure and a positive environmental impact due to the reduced pollutants. Without feedback regarding eco-driving behaviours however, individuals quickly return …

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Oct 25

ADAM on the road

ADAM (Automobile Data Acquisition Module) is now on the road collecting data with different participates. This driving data collection device is designed by Xingda Yan and James Fleming.  The main feature of this device is very low cost (less than £ 200) compared to similar product on the market. The configuration of ADAM is as …

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